Fine Arts Diploma Seal

The Fine Arts Diploma Seal will be awarded to DeKalb County graduating high school seniors who:

To apply for a seal:

Examples of capstone projects:

Senior Showcase Performance

Artist website featuring original work of student or others

Student written and produced film

Student designed galley exhibition

An original script, music score, one-act play, or dance choreographed and performed by the student and/or others

Directing a musical or dance/music that includes music written or created by students

Working with a community garden to create public art

Design and execution of an illustrated children's book

Lead a theatre, music, or dance group/ensemble at a middle or elementary school or local organization

Creating an arts related video to support a cause


At least one page, double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, grammatically correct document addressing:

Sample guiding presentation/reflection questions

Past candidates' work samples

Reflection Papers:

 2018 Vocal Arrangement and Performance 

2022 Teaching Voice Lessons

2023 Musical Theatre and Visual Arts Cross-Curricular Project


Hope C, 2021

Lucy A, 2020

DCSD Fine Arts Diploma Seal Process 2024 (1).docx